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Whether you are thinking about employing an Apprentice for the first time or you have had previous experience; at Skills for Careers we understand the importance of employing the right people for your business. We will work with you to understand your organisational needs, the expected demands of an Apprentice, and the requirements you have, making sure that an academy apprentice provides real value to your business.

High Quality Candidates

All of the Apprentices that have been accepted onto the Academy programme have been assessed and pre vetted, to ensure that they are of the highest calibre. Not only do we take their educational background into account but also their character, commitment and social skills. Ensuring wherever possible we have strong parental commitment.

Understanding Your Needs

When looking to fill a vacancy through the academy, we will assess the job role and the skill set required and send you a list of appropriate candidates for selection, alongside individual covering letters and CV’s. It is then up to you to select which candidates you wish to interview for the position.

To ensure the right fit between yourselves and your chosen apprentice we would then recommend a trial placement of 2-3 weeks, to make sure that both sides are comfortable in the working relationship and are ready to progress with the Apprenticeship qualification.

We also offer a pool of Apprentices who are available for temporary employment to cover increased demand through seasonal periods or to provide cover for unexpected absences, this service is provided to organisations who already have an apprentice employed and in training with the academy.


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